Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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Australian Teenager Hacked Apple Hoping to Get a Job!

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A teenager living in Australia hacked Apple to get a job. The young man, whose name was kept secret by the authorities, pleaded guilty in court.

A teenager who dreamed of working in Apple, was shocked when he went to court. The Australian teenager was released on a 9-month $500 contract, because he had not previously abused his hacking skills.

The unnamed teenager, who accepted his guilt in court, said that he had started such a job because he learned that someone who did the same in Europe was hired by Apple.

Following the incident, Apple Australia did not make a case-specific comment in ABC’s statement, saying that its employees ‚Äúcarefully guarded kor the company’s networks and took the hackers under control before notifying the police and that no one’s personal data was released.

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