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Editors vs IDEs; Which One is Better?

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The environment in which we develop code is extremely important for all of us. First of all, we should be happy when writing code, the environment we work in should not distract us or even help us. Therefore, the platform where we write our code is of great importance. Do we know the differences between an Editor and an IDE? Which one should we improve our code with? Is there an absolute winner about Editors vs IDEs?


Editor is a tool for editing text independently of the programming language. They are suitable for many programming languages. For this reason, Editors are much faster than IDEs.

In addition, an Editor user is always free to create his or her own workflow and code. You can modify and strengthen the editor according to yourself and you can use Add-ons in different languages. I use an editor too and Vscode is more than enough for me. Because I like it as a visual.


IDE comes from the acronym of the Integrated Development Environment. In fact, as the name implies, it is possible to combine multiple development environments or tools: Editor, Compiler, Debugger. Almost all IDEs are platforms specially developed for a programming language or framework. Examples include IntelliJ for Java, Visual Studio for .NET, or RubyMine for Ruby.

If you want to move quickly and steadily into the depths of a programming language, then it would make more sense to use IDE. The IDE will be equipped with tools to help you make your product much faster, and powerful infrastructure and plug-ins will add speed to your speed. However, it is often difficult when a programmer who is used to using an IDE is moved to a different environment.

As a result, there is not an absolute winner about Editors vs IDEs. Because the correct decision depends on your habits, needs and programming level.

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