Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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Google has taken action for 24 Android apps!

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Android world from time to time comes up with harmful applications. Since June 2019, Google has been fighting malware targeting Android. According to findings found by a cybersecurity company, malicious software called Joker can access a lot of information of users. However, Google has now taken action for applications that include this software. 24 dangerous Android applications being cleaned.

24 dangerous Android app available on Google Play

The cybersecurity firm CSIS Security Group said that the malicious software called Joker has access to users’ SMS messages, contact lists, and device information. Also, another feature of the software is that it can secretly approve a premium service subscription. In addition, the software is programmed to take up as little space as possible in the application is not easily noticed.

CSIS  announced that it has found 24 Android applications with the software in question and that these applications have so far been downloaded close to 500,000. The software is active in 37 countries including Australia, China, Germany, India, Singapore, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, UK, and the United States.

Dangerous applications are listed as follows:

Advocate Wallpaper 
Age Face 
Altar Message 
Antivirus Security – Security Scan 
Beach Camera 
Board Picture 
Edit Certain Wallpaper 
Collate Face Scanner 
Cute Camera 
Dazzle Wallpaper 
Declare Message 
Display Camera 
Great VPN 
Humor Camera 
Ignite Clean 
Leaf Face Scanner 
Mini Camera 
Print Plant Scan 
Rapid Face Scanner 
Reward Clean 
Ruddy SMS 
Spark Wallpaper

If you downloaded one of the above applications, it’s a good idea to check your transaction history to see if a suspicious payment has been made. Also, be sure to check the permissions you grant for each application.

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