Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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Human Behavior Prediction Training For Autonomous Vehicles

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Not only people but also cars are being trained too on traffic rules. Probably, these trainings may be needed by all autonomous devices, not only driverless vehicles. We have not self-driving cars yet because of traffic safety. To maximize traffic safety, driverless cars are planned to be trained in predicting human behavior.

Traffic flow may vary by country or even by city. Although the rules are similar in many countries, in practice human behavior can be different. E.g; Driving in New York is known as difficult. Be sure, your opinion will change after Pakistan or India. But how will driverless cars adapt to such different situations?

Although it is a long and expensive business to obtain human behavior data, which helps self-driving automobile systems to predict and understand human behavior more accurately, some companies around the world are trying to solve this problem. In recent months, a software company in Germany which trying to analyze the behavior of people in traffic through various simulations has also took $ 1.2 million investment.  

Cars without drivers are equipped with many sensors. These sensors perceive objects, individuals, sidewalks, signs, and so on. Despite all this, more advanced intuitions needed for traffic safety. It is a fact that a start-up that can handle this business will be one of the precious companies of the future. 

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