Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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South Korea will quit Windows and move to Linux!

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The government of South Korea announced that it will change the operating system on computers from January 2020 onwards, leaving Windows and switching to Linux.

After the news that Microsoft will revoke Windows 7 in 2020, the South Korean government decided to abandon this operating system completely and switch to Linux instead of switching to Windows 10. Behind this decision, there are doubts about the reliability of Windows 10.

The South Korean government is leaving Windows and switching to Linux!

Having a high level of uz-metering raises concerns that Windows 10 may be spying. Also, for most businesses, suddenly switching to Windows 10 can be financially challenging.

Therefore, the South Korean government has decided to switch to Linux, but it is not yet clear which Linux version it will be. Switching to Linux will cost about half a billion dollars in the short term, but the head of the ministry’s digital service office, Choi Jang-hyuk says switching to an open-source operating system is expected to be advantageous in the long run.

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