Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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Thieves Will Be Detected in Advance With Artificial Intelligence!

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VaakEye’s security system uses artificial intelligence to check when someone is committing a crime by checking snapshots from security cameras, offering 81% consistency.

With artificial intelligence, thieves can be detected in advance!

The VaakEye system constantly monitors camera images to detect suspicious individuals and informs employees. Employees examine the images and determine if there is a crime and take action accordingly. It is rumored that the VaakEye system will soon be used in cashless stores such as Amazon.

The system is learning by watching past crime footage!

Japan-based VaakEye introduced its first product to customers in March 2018. The security system, which costs $ 162 per security camera, controls all the snapshots and gives warnings on suspicious images with artificial intelligence with cloud-based deep learning capability. The system was trained with images longer than 100 thousand hours.

VaakEye has learned to detect crime-related behaviors in images. These actions include looking around anxiously, looking for security cameras and moving a little faster than usual.

The VaakEye system can also detect when a product from the shelf is thrown into a pocket or bag. Each movement is evaluated according to the level of suspicion. When a customer reaches a certain threshold, the system sends an alarm with video recording. 

Tanaka “The system is used in 50 stores in Japan. We’re getting ready for the world. For the time being, we have a hit rate of 81 percent in the perception of crimes using experimental data. ”

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