Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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Your Skype calls may be listened!

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It turned out that some of the Skype conversations used in the translation software were tapped. The speeches are listened to on the grounds of ‘conversation quality determination’ and private conversations are heard.

According to the Motherboard technology site, some subcontractors which provide services to Microsoft listen to these conversations to determine the quality of these conversations.

However, this is not stated in Skype’s service contract. Microsoft argues that it has permission from users. Skype’s translation service offers translation during voice and video calls.

In the recordings of the conversations of the Motherboard, it is heard that people talk to their friends ”about personal issues like weight loss and problems in their relationships.

Although the company’s confidentiality agreement states that data can be shared with suppliers, it does not explicitly state that the interviews are heard by people. 

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